Govanhill Baths Community Trust

Govanhill Baths are on a journey to reopen as a swimming pool and wellbeing facility. In recent years the space has developed a reputation as an exciting venue for innovative and community-led creative work and is a cultural hub in the Southside of Glasgow.

A series of banners were designed for the exterior of the building to showcase and raise awareness of the facilities and programmes available and to remember the vibrant heritage of the Govanhill Baths.

Using historical images from the archives, the banners narrate the core values and journey of the baths through time. They are also used to highlight activities, available to the whole community. For both elements, it was important to highlight the rich cultural diversity and wide-ranging age categories apparent in the area.

“Working with Offshoot Design was a joy. They were able to bring our ideas to life with a lot of patience and professionalism. Highly recommended.”

Fatima Uygun | Govanhill Baths Community Trust